Be it ever so humble...

Developer Lexaloffle Games, LTD

Platform PC, Mac, Linux (PC Reviewed)

Things You Might Like

  • Classic Arcade Gameplay
  • Retro Graphic Direction
  • 8-Bit Soundtrack
  • You can donate to Charity instead of paying

Things You Might Not Like

  • Retro Graphics literally mean blocks
  • Occasional minor glitches
  • Still in Alpha

Voxatron brilliantly revives classic arcade gameplay with updated visuals and plenty of charm. It’s still in the Alpha phase, though, so go in with an open mind.

Josh Robinson


I’m going to show how cripplingly old I am, but does anyone else remember Robotron? You do? Really? Oh, ROMs. Right. Yeah, to be fair, I played a Best-Of Collection on the PSOne. So if you’ve played Robotron, you know how the gameplay works. It’s simple. You move around a plane (not the flying kind) filled with varied enemies and annihilate them with your blaster. Now, the trick is that you can’t shoot your weapon independently of your movement. This is where Voxatron’s real challenge comes into play.

Now let me start off by saying that Voxatron is 1) Still in Alpha, so be nice and 2) Not for everyone. There’s a reason this style of game doesn’t really come around anymore. The evolution of control schemes into what we now refer to as Twin-Stick Shooters has been for the best. Moving and shooting bound to different axises that can function independently of each other has allowed for some great games. That, and it’s a lot easier to play. Having said that, there’s no reason not to take a trip to the past and check out our forerunners. Voxatron does just that; and you might find yourself glad you took the trip.

Graphically, Voxatron has a sort of pixelated-robot charm that I really dig. It clearly draws from the 8-bit classics from most of our youths and drags the spirit of those sprites into 3D (or what some might call 2.5D). Your character, a little robot with a pea shooter, has a simple design, but it works well here. The levels range from castle-inspired boards to forests and more; and all of them possess enough detail to entertain without being distracting or cluttered. Your enemies, which populate these rooms, vary in size and shape, as well as attacks. They all hearken back to the classic arcade days, but are unique in their own way.

It’s worth mentioning that for all of you creative types out there, Voxatron includes a pretty detailed editor. You can create just about anything you want and incorporate it into the game. This is where you’ll see a lot of replay value for Voxatron. I can easily imagine the Mod community exploding as this game hits the Web. These powerful tools will help Voxatron generate a lot of interest as well as keep the game going strong. As we all know, Counter Strike was a mod to Half-Life, and now everyone knows what it is and it’s inspired other games as well (Left 4 Dead).

All in all, Voxatron shows a lot of promise, though it’s still under development. Much like Minecraft, Voxatron is releasing in the Alpha stage to help gain momentum. As of now, it’s part of the Humble Voxatron Debut bundle over at HumbleBundle.com and you can score The Binding of Isaac (by Team Meat of Super Meat Boy fame) and Blocks that Matter. You choose how much you want to pay, and you can even decide to send all of your payment to charity. Head over and give Voxatron a shot. It’s cheap and a total blast.

Pick up the Humble Voxatron Bundle now!


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