screenshot of a town from above

Apparently ships can fold time and space.

Developer: Square-Enix

Platform(s): iPhone OS, PSP

Things You Might Like:

  • Absolutely beautiful sprites and level design
  • Faithful reproduction of a classic RPG
  • Menus are custom tailored to work with a touchscreen
  • Overworld map function greatly helps navigation
  • ‘Resume’ feature (auto) prevents headaches from quitting without saving

Things You Might Not Like:

  • Sticker Shock: FF1 is $9 (US)
  • Moving around the overworld is a little awkward on a digital d-pad
  • Same as the PSP version released a few years ago

Final Fantasy I sets the bar high for others looking to port classic games to Apple’s handheld devices.

4 out of 5 Phoenix Downs

Josh Robinson

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